ermila Artistic Team Europe

ermila - Artistic Team Europe

You have the opportunity to travel and share your know-how with other professional stylists. You will develop exclusive cutting techniques with the hairstyling appliance and work on new hairstyle trends.

European Artistic Director
Simon Shaw & Team, England, Wahl Ltd. (UK)

Creative Director Germany    
Achim Dickgiesser, 77815 Bühl (Germany)

Artistic Team Germany
Tanja Dornbusch, 12358 Berlin (Germany)

Artistic Team France
Raphaël Perrier, Paris

Akteur-Team Spain
Daniel Gallego, Valencia

Artistic Team Russia
Stanislav Cheskidov, Moscow

The Wahl Clipper Corporation corporate alliance has an extensive international network of Key Player Teams in North and South America, Canada, Australia, South Africa, India, Russia, Spain and Great Britain. These Teams exchange their experience, creating new cutting techniques and trendy hairstyles and providing fresh inspiration for use of the hairstyling appliance.